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Amalurra eco hotel

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Finca La Reneja, 35 Artzentales,
Basque Country, 48879 (Spain)


(+34) 946 109 540


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    Get directions

    From Bilbao airport

    From the airport to Bilbao (approximately 20 minutes). Take the A3247 bus from the airport and get off at the last stop, Termibus. From the bus station, head towards Guturbay Street until you reach Basurto – Hospital train station, located the hospital on Montevideo Avenue. These buses run every 15 minutes. You can also take a taxi from the airport to Basurto – Hospital train station on Montevideo Avenue.

    Train from Bilbao to Artzentales

    From Bilbao to Artzentales (approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes). The train line between Bilbao and Santander runs three times a day in each direction, and Artzentales is a 50-minute journey from Bilbao. Once in Artzentales, it is a 30-minute walk to Amalurra.

    Train from Bilbao to Zalla

    From Bilbao to Zalla (approximately 40 minutes). At Basurto – Hospital station, take the C4 train, which runs between Bilbao and Balmaseda/La Calzada. Get off at Zalla. For train timetables, visit the Renfe website.