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About us

A place for meeting, regeneration and enjoyment

Amalurra is an organic resort where nature inspires a feeling of wholeness, surrounding us with an environment that encourages laughter and happiness, in which we can share with others, work together and feel part of something greater, enabling us to grow together, find balance and look after ourselves and others.


An authentic and special place that fosters personal and professional change, evolution, transformation and connection with others, surrounded by the atavistic and powerful energy of nature. A place for meeting, regeneration and enjoyment. A place for peace and connecting with one another. We are not your typical hotel.


Over 20 years ago, Amalurra aimed to create something that went beyond just a sustainable model and good environmental practices; our goal was to preserve and help repopulate the area. We have planted more than 5,000 trees, which we have watched grow over the years.


We are committed to a new, modern tourism model that values sustainability and regeneration with a humanist approach. Amalurra is a prime example of how tourism can form part of our new social and economic context, and how it even plays a vital role by reintegrating some of its most fundamental tenets: regenerating the land, raising awareness of a culture, dynamising our surroundings and creating a place for responsible, sustainable and inclusive leisure that invites us to come and reconnect. Here we believe that to respect our roots is to respect and embrace our history, turning it into a motor that is a driving force for our continued evolution.

Our love for this land and nature invites us to gain a greater understanding of how to run our business in a way that respects it.

That’s why we hold a range of activities based on enjoying awareness and finding balance with our natural and social surroundings.


It is a project through which we hope to recover our natural and socioeconomic surroundings by creating a collaborative system and not just a business. We are focused on a new type of traveller who looks for noteworthy places where they can grow, both personally and as a team. Amalurra is an enchanting place where groups and companies can come together to share, co-create and experience growth.


It is an ever-relevant proposal for transformative and regenerative tourism that connects people to nature, empowering them and helping them along their journey of personal transformation. Welcome to Amalurra.