Country Estate rental for Events & Celebrations

Surround Yourself with Beautiful Countryside

Enjoy the Lush Green Countryside of the Basque Country

An ideal setting for outdoor group dynamics. The Amalurra estate expands over 10 Hectares of land that is designed for your activities including beautiful gardens, forests and walks.

The grounds provide the perfect "Experiential" or "Outdoor" training to combine traditional means of introspection with innovative adult activities.

There is ample space and facilities for groups of all sizes. During the warmer months the climate makes it very easy to spend more time outdoors and to enjoy the space on the Amalurra estate.



56m2 covered pergola, located in the gardens. It invites communication and meeting for leisure and engagement.

Providing enough of an area for eating under the protective roof, for shade or rain. Large groups can happily use this space for eating whilst carrying out outdoors activities on site.

amalurra retreat center


A small route runs along the periphery of the Kolitza River as it passes through the farm. In this section, it shows us a varied mosaic of woods and meadows. Its waters are accessible in some area of the route.



Reproduces the design of the labyrinth of the Cathedral of Chartres and symbolises the journey of the interior path and the search for the personal path.



Place where the circle acts as a meeting space for moments of reflection or festive celebrations. Designed to honour the four directions, North, South, East and West, representing the four elements, the four directions of the earth, the four seasons, the four phases of the moon, the four races and the four stages of human life: childhood, youth, adulthood and old age.



This is a conical tent used by the prairie Indians of North America as a traditional nomadic dwelling. Used today as meeting places with fire, which facilitates the expression of the word in connection with the heart.

TEMAZCAL amalurra


Natural sauna of the Mexican-American indigenous tradition; steam bath with water of aromatic herbs and natural essences that promotes physical well-being and healing. The temazcal is also a ritual and a spiritual practice in which traditional methods of healing are used for the sake of purification of the body, reflection, introspection and connection with oneself and with Mother Earth.



Remains of an old altar restored. Space that invites recollection.