amalurra sala meditacion

Meditation Hall

Meditation Hall Description

Lurbeltz circular design and underground location invite introspection and silence. This community meeting room and meditation hall is ideal for connect with your inner self in a group environment.

The hall include a lighting system that makes for the perfect ambiance and effect for your groups events.

Located on the lower floor of the Main Events Hall this space provides a perfect place for more spiritual or meditation based community events. Depending on your needs we can configure this to meet your requirements.

Group Discounts /Offers

Special prices for groups, accommodation for reservations of more than one. Contact us for details.

Meditation Hall Details

  • Includes: Meditation Hall Events Space
  • Size: 153.90 m²
  • Maximum Capacity: 100 people
  • Minimum Booking Duration: Half Day
  • Included use of multimedia
  • Lighting configurable
  • Configurable as auditorium or communal space

Meditation Hall Configurations


Meditation Hall Availability



Debido al coronavirus (COVID-19) y a sus implicaciones sanitarias, y sin renunciar a la experiencia de bienestar que ofrecemos, deseamos que tu estancia en el Hotel & Retreat Center Amalurra se desarrolle con total confianza y tranquilidad . Por ello, hemos adoptado los siguientes protocolos de seguridad, salud e higiene recomendados por las instituciones pertinentes.

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