Green Hall

Green Hall Description

The walls of this room are, as the name suggests, green. It has large windows, which make it a bright room, with a balanced, calm and relaxed atmosphere. Suitable space for training activities and group work.

The reservation includes Individual mats, cushions and a sound system that can be used for group activities. Work desks and chairs are also provided if required.

We offer special prices on accommodation and meals for groups and companies.

Green Hall Details

  • Dimensions: 9.8m depth x 5.6m width = 54.9 m² in total
  • Maximum Capacity: 25 people (no cuadra con el número en la versión en castellano)
  • It can be arranged for training sessions, as an auditorium or as a therapeutic space.
  • Includes flip chart and furniture if necessary for meetings.
  • Direct access to the gardens, where you can rest between work sessions, and at a few meters from the cafeteria.