The Amalurra Café & Snack-Bar

The Amalurra Café & Snack-Bar

Our cafeteria, located in a building with large windows, serves as a perfect meeting point to socialize and have a good time with friends and family, or with your co-workers, if you are in Amalurra for a company event.

From the inside, you can enjoy magnificent views, as well as from the pleasant outdoor terraces.

Among the pintxos (small portions of food) and plates that you can find in the cafeteria, all of them made with care and quality ingredients, our specialty is cuttlefish rings, vegetables in tempura and delicious homemade croquettes.

The Amalurra bar-cafeteria is a fantastic place to taste a good wine, delicious infusions or a cocktail, in a pleasant atmosphere.

It is possible to rent this place, including the music equipment, for a private meeting.

You can also find sweeter options, including hot chocolate with homemade sponge cake.